OPR - Oakajee Port & Rail

OPR Terrestrial Port Development EP Act Assessment Documentation 

EPA Report and Recommendations Bulletin 1387 (2.75 Mb)

OPR Response to Public Comment Document (6.19 Mb)

OPR Response to EPA Matters to be Addressed (3.48 Mb)

OPR Port Terrestrial Public Environmental Review (26.65 Mb)

OPR Port Development Public Environmental Review Summary Document (3.24 Mb)


APP A_OPR Port Terrestrial Development Scoping Document (OPR, 2010) (10.56 Mb)

APP B_Flora and Vegetation Assessment (Ecologia Environment 2010a) (43.96 Mb)

APP C_Addendum to Technical Appendix B re Juncus kraussii closed sedgeland on swale (Ecologia 2010b) (150 kb)

APP D_Vertebrate Fauna Assessment (Ecologia Environment, 2010c) (9.67 Mb)

APP E_Short Range Endemics Assessment Oakajee Study Area (Ecologia Environment, 2010d) (19.30 Mb)

APP F_Short Range Endemics Assessment Regional Area (Ecologia Environment, 2010e) (0.8 Mb)

APP G_Stygofauna Assessment (Ecologia Environment, 2010f) (5.92 Mb)

APP H_Surface Water Assessment (Aquaterra, 2009) (3.30 Mb)

APP I_Concept Design for Desalination Plant Ocean Outfall (Consulting Environmental Engineers, 2010) (0.5 Mb)

APP J_Port Construction Noise Assessment (Lloyd George Acoustics, 2010a) (0.8 Mb)

APP K_Noise Assessment (Lloyd George Acoustics, 2010b) (1.37 Mb)

APP L_Dust Modelling (SKM 2010a) (3.27 Mb)

APP N1 Construction EMP PORT Fauna (3.10 Mb)

APP N2 Construction EMP Port FloraVeg (3.50 Mb)

APP N3 Operation EMP PORT Air Quality (3.90 Mb)

APP N4 Operation EMP PORT Fauna (3.07 Mb)

APP N5 Operation EMP Port FloraVeg (3.31 Mb)

APP M_Oakajee Power Station Air Quality Impact and Greenhouse Gas Assessment (SKM 2010b) (3.61 Mb)